CYBER Insights » WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Is Your SME Vulnerable to The Menace of Ransomware? – Understanding, Defending, and Responding | Cyber KPIs

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Is Your SME Vulnerable to The Menace of Ransomware? – Understanding, Defending, and Responding | Cyber KPIs

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KPI Explainer: What is Ransomware? 

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE & Is Your SME Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks? – CyberKPI: A comprehensive guide to understanding Ransomware, including its definition, evolution, impact, and how to respond to attacks, with a focus on the importance of proactive measures and preparedness.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware uses encryption to hold a victim’s information at ransom, rendering it inaccessible until the attacker receives a payment. The malware has evolved to become increasingly sophisticated, with attackers now employing double-extortion and triple-extortion tactics. For instance, in a double-extortion attack, Cybercriminals not only encrypt the victim’s data but also steal it, threatening to leak it if the ransom is not paid. This added layer of extortion creates additional pressure on the victims to meet the attackers’ demands.

How Ransomware Works

To infect systems, Ransomware attacks use various methods, including phishing emails and other social engineering techniques. For example, attackers may disguise malicious links or files within emails, duping recipients into clicking on them and inadvertently downloading the Ransomware. Additionally, the use of social engineering tactics can manipulate individuals into taking actions that compromise the security of their systems, such as disclosing sensitive information or installing malicious software.

The Different Types of Ransomware

There are different types of Ransomware, each with its own distinctive characteristics and methods of operation. For instance, non-encrypting Ransomware, also known as locker Ransomware, prevents victims from accessing their devices or systems, while scareware uses deception to trick victims into believing their systems are infected. Notable Ransomware variants include CryptoLocker, which was one of the first widely spread Ransomware families, and WannaCry, which garnered global attention due to its rapid and extensive spread in 2017.

Understanding Ransomware

Ransomware is a complex form of malware that utilizes encryption techniques, often employing asymmetric encryption, to render a victim’s data inaccessible. This encryption process locks the victim out of their own system or files, demanding a ransom to restore access. For instance, the CryptoLocker Ransomware variant gained notoriety for encrypting victims’ files and demanding payment in Bitcoin to provide the decryption key. Download KPI/… Register Free to Download this KPI 

Ransomware: Defending Against Digital Extortion

The biggest online threat to businesses and consumers today is Ransomware, a category of malware that can encrypt your computer files until you pay a ransom to unlock them. With this practical book, you’ll learn how easily Ransomware infects your system and what steps you can take to stop the attack before it sets foot in the network.

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