CYBER Insights » WHAT IS CLOUD STORAGE? – Deploying Cloud for SMEs | Cyber KPIs

WHAT IS CLOUD STORAGE? – Deploying Cloud for SMEs | Cyber KPIs

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KPI Explainer: What is Cloud Storage? 

WHAT IS CLOUD STORAGE Navigating Cloud Security for European SMEs. – CyberKPI: An overview of the risks, opportunities, and best practices for Cloud security in Europe, with a focus on SMEs and Small Businesses.

Enhancing Cybersecurity: Navigating Cloud Security for European SMEs
An overview of the risks, opportunities, and best practices for cloud security in Europe, with a focus on SMEs and Small Businesses.

Cloud Security Risks and Opportunities for SMEs in Europe

When it comes to procuring cloud services, SMEs in Europe face various security risks and opportunities. One of the key security risks is ensuring compliance with data protection legislation and authorities. This is crucial for SMEs to avoid potential legal and regulatory issues when handling sensitive data in the cloud. On the other hand, cloud services present opportunities for enhancing Cybersecurity by offering customisation according to SMEs‘ specific needs and requirements. This customisation can enable SMEs to implement tailored security measures, aligning with their business operations and risk profiles. 

Cyber attacks are a significant concern for SMEs, and it is essential for SMEs in Europe to have robust mitigation strategies in place to address these threats.

Additionally, there are resources available to help SMEs improve their cyber resilience, providing guidance on best practices and proactive security measures tailored to the SME environment.

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