CYBER Insights » CYBER INSIGHTS: Wednesday 10 July 2024 – Today’s SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence

CYBER INSIGHTS: Wednesday 10 July 2024 – Today’s SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence

Image Credit: Firmbee/Pixabay
Image Credit: Firmbee/Pixabay

Gibraltar: Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 07:00 CET

CYBER INSIGHTS: The Latest SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence …
Written & Curated By Iain Fraser – Cybersecurity Journalist
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Welcome to Today’s Edition of CYBERInsights – My Daily Roundup of the Latest European SME Cybersecurity News including: 1). Workforce best Practice  2). NCSC best Practice  3). What is Cyber Insurance?

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1). BEST PRACTICE: WORKFORCE – As SMEs are increasing their Remote/Hybrid workforce in the post-Covid environment the question of securing access and business data is becoming an increasing worry for Small Businesses. SMEs must draft robust protocols and strategies in order to protect their Workforce and Valuable Data. To aid SME Cyber Awareness we have produced a 5 point Best-practice strategy. Register free to receive our KPI addressing your Remote and Hybrid Workforce.

2). BEST PRACTICE: NCSC – Improve your Cybersecurity with affordable, practical advice for Small Businesses. SME Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be daunting – UK Government Cyber body NCSC or National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) has outlined five quick and easy protocols curated to save time, money and even business’ reputation. If you want to improve your cyber security further, then you can also seek certification under the Cyber Essentials scheme.

3). WHAT IS CYBER INSURANCE & Learn if Your SME SHOULD have Cyber Insurance? Understanding if you need Cyber Insurance  and if it is essential for all SMEs. Download the CYBERInsights Guide to Cyber Insurance: A Comprehensive KPI to help you understand Cyber Insurance, its definition, and how to respond to attacks, with a focus on the importance of proactive measures and preparedness. Learn exactly why your SME should take out Cyber Insurance.

ABOUT IAIN FRASER – I am a Gibraltar based, Accredited Journalist, (*NUJ, IFJ & ONA) Authority Writer,  Commentator & Publisher of CYBERinsights and cover all aspects of Cybersecurity [Awareness, Threat Management, Best Practice Compliance & Mitigation] and report throughout Europe & the UK

In addition to Cybersecurity, I also cover the sectors where I have either operational experience or subject matter expert knowledge including: Geopolitics, Defence Technology, AI & National Security and contribute to a broad range of European facing news channels, blogs and digital magazines as either Guest Feature Writer, Columnist or Consultant Editor.

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