CYBER Insights » THREAT INTEL: TRIDENT – Are the ‘Letters of Last Resort’ and the Trident Program secure?

THREAT INTEL: TRIDENT – Are the ‘Letters of Last Resort’ and the Trident Program secure?

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Gibraltar: Monday 08 July  2024 at 14:50 CET

THREAT INTEL: TRIDENT – Are the ‘Letters of Last Resort’ and the Trident Program secure?

By Andy Jenkinson – Guest Contributor |  Group CEO Cybersec Innovation Partners
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Are the ‘Letters of Last Resort’ and the Trident Program secure?

In a world increasingly dependent on digital communication, the reality of compromised systems is a grave threat, not a Hollywood plot.

Recent cyber incidents involving the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), the F-35B program, U.S. airspace, Nuclear Power, and literally thousands more incidents highlight the vulnerabilities within our critical infrastructure.

External actors have demonstrated an alarming ability and ease, to infiltrate systems that were presumed secure, leading to catastrophic consequences such as ejected pilots, nationwide airspace shutdowns, and maritime disasters.

These breaches underscore a critical failing: the disparity between the perceived and actual security of critical systems.

Despite assurances of robust defenses, the fact remains that our digital fortresses are alarmingly porous. The question is not just how these breaches occur, but why our current security strategy repeatedly falls short in preventing them.

The root of the problem lies in a combination of complacency, underinvestment in cybersecurity, and a lack of comprehensive knowledge and strategy.

Security cannot be an afterthought; it must be integral to the design and operation of every system. That MUST include the digital distribution and security of Servers. The stakes are too high for half measures.

The cost of inaction is not just financial but also results in loss of life. It is imperative that we address these vulnerabilities now, before further disasters strike.

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About Andy Jenkinson

Group CEO CIP. Fellow Cyber Theory Institute. Director Fintech & Cyber Security Alliance (FITCA) working with Governments. Recognised Expert in Internet Asset & DNS Vulnerabilities.

Andy Jenkinson is a senior and seasoned innovative Executive with over 30 years’ experience as a hands-on lateral thinking CEO, coach, and leader. A ‘big deal’ business accelerator, and inspirational, lateral thinker, Andy has crafted, created, and been responsible for delivering 100’s £ millions of projects within the Cyber, Technical, Risk and Compliance markets for some of the world’s largest, leading organisations. Andy has a demonstrable track record of largescale technical delivery and management within many sectors including the Professional, Managed, and Financial Services.

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