CYBER Insights » CYBER INSIGHTS: Friday 05 July 2024 – Today’s SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence

CYBER INSIGHTS: Friday 05 July 2024 – Today’s SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence

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Gibraltar: Friday 05 July 2024 at 07:00 CET

CYBER INSIGHTS: The Latest SME Cybersecurity News & Intelligence …
Written & Curated By Iain Fraser – Cybersecurity Journalist,
SME Cyber Insights
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Welcome to Today’s Edition of CYBERInsights – My Daily Roundup of the Latest European SME Cybersecurity News including: 1).Ransomware 2).DDoS Vulnerability 3). AI Explained

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1). SME CYBERSECURITY: Cybersecurity for Small Business made easy. Crowdstrike has developed Cybersecurity designed specifically for SMEs (Small Business) to enable you to concentrate on running your business rather than continually “looking over your shoulder” for the next Phishing mail, Hack or arguably the worst scenario for a Small Business a full scale Ransomware Attack. The CrowdStrike Falcon® platform achieved 100% ransomware prevention in independent testing by SE Labs. Don’t trust legacy antivirus to keep up with modern threats.

2). THREAT INTEL: DDoS – 68% of Companies are More Vulnerable to DDoS Than They Think. Misplaced confidence can often be much worse than a known weakness according to DDoS Experts Red Button. When you have an accurate idea of where your vulnerabilities are, at least you can focus your mitigation resources there accordingly. But if you think your defences are strong where they are not, or you don’t truly understand the adversary’s capabilities, then you will always misallocate your forces and leave yourself open to attack.

3). WHAT IS AI? A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO AI AND ITS IMPACT ? – CyberKPI: An in-depth exploration of Artificial Intelligencecovering its types, the role of machine learning and deep learning, practical applications, its intersection with cybersecurity, governance and ethical considerations, and its future impact on society. AI plays a crucial role in transforming cybersecurity defences by enhancing data protection and threat detection capabilities.

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In addition to Cybersecurity, I also cover the sectors where I have either operational experience or subject matter expert knowledge including: Geopolitics, Defence Technology, AI & National Security and contribute to a broad range of European facing news channels, blogs and digital magazines as either Guest Feature Writer, Columnist or Consultant Editor.

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