CYBER Insights » THREAT INTEL: CYBERCRIME – Cybercrime is the single largest danger and threat to humanity.

THREAT INTEL: CYBERCRIME – Cybercrime is the single largest danger and threat to humanity.

Image Credit: thedigitalartist
Image Credit: thedigitalartist

Gibraltar: Thursday 04 July  2024 at 11:00 CET

THREAT INTEL: Cybercrime is the single largest danger and threat to humanity.

By Andy Jenkinson – Guest Contributor |  Group CEO Cybersec Innovation Partners
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Cybercrime has reached pandemic and unsustainable levels, crippling organizations, economies, and societies globally.

Cybercrime is the single largest danger and threat to humanity.

The issue isn’t just a matter of being under-resourced; it’s exacerbated by demonstrable gross security negligence of tech giants and third-party’s.

This dire situation is even further exacerbated by Attorneys and Regulators who exploit victims and capitalize upon their often enforced vulnerabilities, forcing already victimized companies to pay further for their unknown, Enforced Insecurity Entrapment.

Ironically and paradoxically, the very same legal and regulatory bodies harbour identical security lapses due to their own lack of knowledge and ignorance.

The carrot and cane approach—Rewarding Ignorance and Punishing the Unknowingly Exposed—is proving to be truly devastating.

The situation allows systemic vulnerabilities to fester, enabling Cybercriminals to repeatedly exploit the same exposure and weaknesses with ease time after time. This cycle of blame and punishment actually detracts from addressing the core issue: a fundamental lack of Internet Asset security and DNS understanding and commitment.

A revolution is desperately needed.

Organizations must prioritize Cybersecurity at every level, scrutinizing third-party providers and demanding transparency and accountability. Attorneys and Regulators, instead of exacerbating the problem, MUST lead by example by addressing and fortifying their own defenses and supporting exploited companies with REAL Actionable Intelligence and resources.

The time for complacency is over. Without a concerted effort to enhance cybersecurity knowledge and practices, we risk having nothing left to defend.

It’s imperative to shift from the current Ignorance to Awareness, from Negligence to Vigilance, ensuring a secure digital future for all.

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About Andy Jenkinson

Group CEO CIP. Fellow Cyber Theory Institute. Director Fintech & Cyber Security Alliance (FITCA) working with Governments. Recognised Expert in Internet Asset & DNS Vulnerabilities.

Andy Jenkinson is a senior and seasoned innovative Executive with over 30 years’ experience as a hands-on lateral thinking CEO, coach, and leader. A ‘big deal’ business accelerator, and inspirational, lateral thinker, Andy has crafted, created, and been responsible for delivering 100’s £ millions of projects within the Cyber, Technical, Risk and Compliance markets for some of the world’s largest, leading organisations. Andy has a demonstrable track record of largescale technical delivery and management within many sectors including the Professional, Managed, and Financial Services.

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