CYBER Insights » THREAT INTEL: OUT FOR BLOOD – Synnovis and NHS Security Negligence Exposed

THREAT INTEL: OUT FOR BLOOD – Synnovis and NHS Security Negligence Exposed

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Gibraltar: Friday 28 June 2024 at 11:00 CET

THREAT INTEL: OUT FOR BLOOD – Synnovis and NHS Security Negligence Exposed

By Andy Jenkinson – Guest Contributor |  Group CEO Cybersec Innovation Partners
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Out for Blood: Synnovis and NHS Security Negligence Exposed

The recent Synnovis cyberattack continues to plunge the NHS into further chaos, putting thousands of patients’ lives at risk as critical operations face more delays and cancellations.

Three weeks ago, we shared damning security information with Chief Medical Officer Chris Streather and Synnovis executives, only to be ignored.

Our pleas to the NHS Data Protection Officer and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) followed, resulting in case number IC-315431-J3K9 being allocated yesterday. Meanwhile people’s lives are at risk…

While we empathize deeply with those requiring these vital services, it is impossible to extend the same to the NHS and Synnovis, whose reckless disregard for security amounts to gross negligence.

If such negligence were displayed by physicians, they would be struck off without hesitation, and possibly tried for their criminal actions.

Synnovis suffered a cyberattack back in April after having maintained exposed and insecure systems for years. Synnovis‘s security negligence enabled digital intrusion and violating their duty of care and all privacy regulations.

This negligence is not just a bureaucratic failure—it is a direct threat to human lives.

Both Synnovis and the NHS must be held accountable for their blatant security lapses. Their failure to protect sensitive patient data and ensure the continuity of critical healthcare services is unacceptable.

The ongoing crisis highlights a dire need for stringent cybersecurity measures and responsible leadership within these institutions. The lives of countless patients depend on it, and we must demand better.

The situation remains critical, and immediate action is required to rectify these failings and restore trust in our healthcare system, not turning heads away and pushing impotent PDNS…

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About Andy Jenkinson

Group CEO CIP. Fellow Cyber Theory Institute. Director Fintech & Cyber Security Alliance (FITCA) working with Governments. Recognised Expert in Internet Asset & DNS Vulnerabilities.

Andy Jenkinson is a senior and seasoned innovative Executive with over 30 years’ experience as a hands-on lateral thinking CEO, coach, and leader. A ‘big deal’ business accelerator, and inspirational, lateral thinker, Andy has crafted, created, and been responsible for delivering 100’s £ millions of projects within the Cyber, Technical, Risk and Compliance markets for some of the world’s largest, leading organisations. Andy has a demonstrable track record of largescale technical delivery and management within many sectors including the Professional, Managed, and Financial Services.

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